After seven triumphant years for Susies Saloon the Dutch team this year had to accept being second best in the Scandinavian Open Sevens. Hong Kong Dragons left no chance for Susies to win their 8th title. In the opening of the game the Dragons had their first try and by two more tries and a penalty kick the final score was 20-0 for the Dragons. During the tournament both teams proved to be the right finalists and a very high level a rugby was shown in the final.

The Women Cup was won by the favourites Valkyries of Susies Saloon who did not have a single point against during the whole tournament. They won the final 29-0 against Frederiksberg.

The Old boys tournament was won by Swedish South Pacific Masters in a final against last year's winner Danish Hamlet. South Pacific Masters-Hamlet 27-0.

In the final for the Plate the hosts RK Speed had a chance for a medal but English Old Reds were too strong and did not leave an opening for Speed to lead the game. Old Reds - Speed 39-17. 

Danes did win one of the competitions as Frederiksberg RK II won the bowl final versus Grenå 61-5.

All results are available in the downloads section

We are looking forward to see you on Saturday for the annual event Scandinavian Open Sevens.

In order to make everything work ouit as scheduled please notice that the Speed club house is open the whole weekend.

All teams should register in the club house no later than Saturday 9.30. Up to 10 players can be used for each team.

All teams should be represented by the team contact at the team meeting in the club house at 10.00 where further details will be given.

The complete schedule for the tournament Saturday will be ready at 11.00. Some pools willbe changed due to late entries.

Games will be played from 12.00 until  

Men and women play their pool games on Saturday. Old boys will play the full tournament on Saturday. The final is to be played about 18.30.

 On Sunday cup games for men and women are played. The games are played from 10.00 until abut 15.00.The schedule for Sunday games will be ready Saturday at 19.30.


The organizers have now made the seeding and the prelimenary pool distribution for the Scandinavian Sevens on August 11-12. Experience shows, however, that it is difficult to know what may happen - last year the London bombings caused several teams to be unable to get to Copenhagen. On the other hand we also know that sometimes lazy people go for late entries.

See the pools here


We now have a complete list of participating teams in this year's Scandinavian open Sevens. The draw has resulted in the following pools (Changes may occur)

The english version of the invitation to Scandinavian Open Sevens 2007 has not been available due to a misconfiguration.  It is now ready for download.

Daniel Storch has now put lots of photos from the weekend on his webpage



Daniel Storch photo of Susies Saloon champions


This year's tournament was hit by both rain and the terrorist action in London. Several seeded teams could not fly out of England and did not arrive. This meant that only 21 teams played in the men's pools on Saturday, these played in 6 groups to qualify for the Sunday finals. 10 old boys teams in two pools and 5 women teams were present.

The past year's winners Susies Saloon, Netherlands, played Northern Raiders, England, in the final. The match was very close. Northern Raiders lead by 12-0 before Susies started a big pressure on the Raiders try line. Susies scored two tries and lead by 14-12. Close to the end of the game Susies got a final try and won the Scandinavian Sevens for the sixth time.

The plate final was  played between Speed, Denmark, and Århus, Denmark. Speed took the Plate by winning 24-.21.

The bowl final was won by Leuven, Belgium, over the Old Reds II, England.

Saturday the old boys and women finals were played. Speed, Denmark, won the women tournament by beating Bergen,  Norway, in the final.

In the old boys final Speed, Denmark, and Exiles, Denmark, played with Exiles as the cup winners.

All results of the tournament are available in the Scandinavian Sevens Menu

Photos  from the tournament are available from Daniel Storch

Susies Saloon once again took the Scandinavian Open Sevens Cup. The tournament had included several strong teams from England and the Fijian Viti Outlaws. None of them were able to threaten Susies win. Only in the two last games tries were scored against Susies. The final was played against Otters from England. One Danish team, CSR, had qualified for the cup but lost the quarter final to Otters.

The plate tournament was won by the french side (who should probably not have had their name accepted) RC Quand Ma Femme a Chiasse. They beat Frederiksberg RK in the final. The hosts from Speed lost the semi final to the french.  The bowl final was played between Erritsø and Hundested. Erritsø won 70-12.

The women's cup was won by the English team Pink Babas who beat Valkyries in a close 19-12 game.

The old boys ende their tournament on Saturday. Hamlet, Denmark, won all of their games. The final against Pingvin, Sweden.

 All results of the tournament are available for download


Draw for pools and program for saturday and sunday are now available in the Scandinavian Sevens menu.


The Saturday program for Scandinavian Open Sevens 2007 is now available for download

First game is at 12.00 

In the tournaments for Women and Old boys all games will be played on Saturday with finals on pitch 1.

The mens cup, plate and bowl tournaments will be played on Sunday from 10.00. Seeding for the sunday games will be done according to Saturday results.. Program for Sunday is available here .

Please note that different circumstances may make it necessary for late changes and please let us know if you find obvious mistakes in the program.

At present 28 mens' teams, 7 ladies' teams and 10 old boys teams have registered for the tournament. More teams register each week and we stil accept entries.

Holdnavn Land Senior Dame Oldboys
Jesteburg Wombats Germany 1
SC Frankfurt 1880 Germany 1
BAE Warton England 1
Molly's Eagles


Old Anselmians RUFC England   1
Kukri Badgers England 1
Northen Raiders England 1
Team Boycee RFC England 1
Old Reds England 2
The Wandering Hands R.F.C. England 1
Henley Wanderers England    1
Eagles England 1
Baltimore RFC U.S.A. 1
Baltimore Bohemians
Karlskrona Sweden 1
Spartacus Sweden 1
Malmø Rugby Klub Sweden   1 1
Sweden   1
Viti Outlaws Fiji 1
Bergen Rugby Klub Norway   1
Oslo R.F.C. Norway 1 1
OSI-Rugby Norway 1
Tønsberg Rugby Klub Norway 1
Susie's Saloon Sevens Holland 1
Rugby Club Leuven Belgium 1
RK Speed Denmark 1 1 1
Exiles RUFC Denmark    1
Frederiksberg R.K. Denmark 1 1 1
C.S.R. Nanok Denmark 1   1
Tacklers R.K. Denmark 1
Grenå R.K. Denmark   1
Hamlet RK Denmark    1
Erritsø RFC
Denmark 1
Aalborg Denmark 1
Froggies RK Denmark    1
Århus RK
Denmark 1
Old Blacks New Zealand    1
Deltagere i alt 20-07-06   28 6